Our Prepaid Packages offer clients the flexibility of coming on their own schedule, and not necessarily on a monthly basis: our package of six may be used in a 12-month period, and a package of 12 may be used over 18 months. You can also share your visits with friends and family!

Package of 6 Massages

10% discount

1 hour: $405 ($67.50 each)

1.5 hours: $621 ($103.50 each)

Package of 12 Massages

15% discount

1 hour: $765 ($63.75 each)

1.5 hours: $1173 ($97.75 each)

Wellness Programs and Prepaid Packages

For information about sauna packages, loyalty programs or other questions regarding our discounted services,

call Peaceful Nature Massage at (319) 337-0476, or send an email to info@peacefulnaturemassage.com

Our Wellness Program helps make regular massage more affordable. We offer this pay-as-you-go plan for clients who consistently visit Peaceful Nature Massage a minimum of one hour every month.

1 hour: $70 ($5 off)

1.5 hours: $105 ($10 off)

No sign-up necessary - as long as you're coming consistently, you'll keep receiving a discount!

To enjoy larger discounts and a more flexible plan, consider purchasing a prepaid massage package.